Graih seeks to spread awareness of our work and the related problems that we have contact with. Here you can find resources that will give you or your group a greater awareness of homelessness and poverty on the Isle of Man, as well as possible responses to it. The DVD and studies are free of charge but donations to Graih would be lovely!

The Graih Gazette

The Graih Gazette is our free newsletter and subversive entry into the mad media world! Please find a copy for download or reading at the bottom of this page. Let us know what you think!

Radio interviews

An interview about our pilot night shelter on Manx Radio:

Mindful Mann

Michael Manning spoke at the Mindful Mann festival in 2019. A video of his talk can be found at the link below:

Homeless Health Needs Audit

Throughout 2015 Graih and the Vulnerable Adult Health Visitor carried out the island's first-ever Homeless Health Needs Audit. The results, compiled in partnership with Community Health, provide the first data on health and homelessness in the Isle of Man.

The audit identifies clear areas for action and is an invaluable resource for statutory and third sector groups.

The results can be accessed in files at the bottom of this page. There is a report titled 'Case for Improving the Health of the Homeless in the IOM' and a Powerpoint 'Homeless Presentation'.

The results of the audit can be presented at any community group, institution or company. If you would like us to come and present the audit and discuss more about homelessness in the Isle of Man and how it can be addressed please contact us. Our details are on our homepage.


Jess Ward has produced the following video of Graih for the Ashgrove Creative Awards. It was a winning entry!

Book: No King but God

Can faith be an idol? Can the state grant freedom? What about wealth? No King but God takes up the revolutionary cry found on the lips of Jesus and his contemporaries in the first century to argue that we need the same desire to see God as King in all areas of our lives. From the marginal and prophetic perspective of the Isle of Man, and informed by a decade of pioneering work among the homeless, five contemporary idols are unmasked. The church is given a provocative challenge to embody an alternative. The response to the idols of faith, freedom, the state, wealth, and the individual is not right belief or special prayers, but the humble path of walking as Jesus walked. Soaked in scripture and hope, this is a wooing invitation into true humanity, painting a vision of a kingdom of peace and justice founded on the self-giving love of Jesus. It is a call towards, and a glimpse of, lives and a world where there is no King but God.

“Don’t read this book if you’re not open to lifestyle changes! The author draws deeply on scripture and his experience with the marginalized, to challenge Western Christians on our attitudes—especially our practices—regarding money, sharing, community, and hospitality. What we do might be more important—and more Jesus-centered—than we believe.”

—Phil Craine, Isle of Man

“Beautifully written, potently challenging, full of passion, unrelentingly practical, No King But God is a timely call to God’s people to live a truly distinctive life. The integrity of Michael’s life matches the prophetic challenge of his words. If ten people live out the challenge of this book, the world will be a better place. If ten thousand are shaped by its message, we will have a revolution of love on our hands.”

—Bill Leishman, Minister, Broadway Baptist Church, Isle of Man

“Michael Manning’s book issues a clarion call to repentance and renewal to Christians who are so embedded within Western materialist culture they fail to recognize their distance from the way of Jesus Christ. Clearly written, passionately argued, and powerfully illustrated, this tract for the times is a sign of a growing movement within the margins of a globalized world which offers hope for the healing of the nations and renewal of the earth.”

—David Smith, Honorary Lecturer, University of Aberdeen

No King but God is a personal work of Michael's but it has its roots in the work of Graih.

No King but God is available from all UK book retailers, direct from the publishers as both a print and e-book (Wipf and Stock), and from online retailers such as Hive ( - please note that it may say 'out of stock, more expected soon' on the website but if you order it anyway it will arrive as the volume is a 'print on demand' book). If you wish to order the book direct from the publishers the discount code 'Manning' can be used for a 25% discount (though note that it will be shipped from the US if you use this method).

No King but God's ISBN is 9781498231503 and is available for ordering from local bookshops. It is also stocked in the Churches' Bookshop in Douglas.

There is an excerpt available for download below (used with permission of Wipf and Stock Publishers,

Wipf and Stock), titled 'Manning_31503_Excerpt'.

The Baptist Times carries an article about No King but God, available here.


Graih's innovative DVD comprises nearly an hour of footage. Most of this is made up of in-depth interviews with guests and volunteers, giving a unique insight into people's experiences. Also included is material giving basic information about the work of Graih and the problem of homelessness. For Christian groups there are some specifically Christian sections. This DVD is ideal for small group use, training and workplace awareness. Please contact us to order your copy.


'Voices from the Wilderness - Studies from Graih' comprise ten brief studies (all less than two sides of A4) around issues that Graih has had experience with. They are ideal for both individual and small group use. Files are listed for download below. They comprise:

1) Voices from the Wilderness, Introduction to Studies from Graih.

2) Welcome 1, Work Permits and Immigration.

3) Welcome 2, Hospitality.

4) Welcome 3, Family.

5) Justice 1, Accommodation.

6) Justice 2, Prison and the Criminal Justice System.

7) Government 1, Legality.

8) Government 2, Risk.

9) Poverty 1, Vulnerability.

10) Poverty 2, Purpose.

11) Poverty 3, Economics.


Articles for the Baptist Times:

Articles for ISAAC (International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition):

Articles for the Plough Quarterly Journal:

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